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Prints priced for clearance! Pricing only valid while supply lasts. All listed items are mounted on foam-board or styrene board. Clearance items are not available to ship (local pick-up only). The listing number/title is followed by the size (in inches). Send inquiries to [email protected]
6671-Ken 11x14 $459841-necks 12x18 $709843-Tod 11x14 $459893-Blue Tod 8x12 $309909-black&white Tod 16x16 $959956-Shrug 12x18 $704935-Bryan 11x14 SOLD!2012-Dan 12x12 $502014-Shrug 12x12 SOLD!6367-Shrug 16x24 $1206397-Shrug 8x12 $307716-Tod 8x10 $254597-Mitch 16x24 $1204642-Louie 16x20 $954688-Mitch 16x16 $959909-Sepia Tod 12x12 $50